Even today Nepal is not a place of cities.  It is, for the most part, a place of farms and villages and small towns and of distinctly different pastoral scenes defined by altitude and location.  And if this has been the case for centuries, then it is no wonder that rural life is steeped in tradition, custom and ancient ways.
These can now so easily be lost, for here there is no longer a time-warp in which they might survive.  And yet renewal needs positive preservation born of a new dimension.  And it is finding this dimension while honouring ancestral values that drives our Rural Heritage projects.
There are two sides to this: on the one hand informed ideas concerning a community’s inclusive participation, with its reasoning and its returns, and on the other, our focus on using material and practical traditional skills - instead of the modern ‘quick- fix’.
Thus there is renovation and rebuild, breathing life back into empty and tired but wonderful buildings - or the ruins of them.   And so it follows there is the uplift, the new green shoots, of a small community rediscovering its self-worth.  It is simply summarised as ‘tourism in the community – the community in tourism’ and in this synergy it is natural for a community not just to see but to be an active contributor in the rejuvenation.  Here are three places which put into practice this new dimension:

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The Famous Farm:

Not your five star western resort but a 6 star scenic and people experience. Whole of staff and community combine to make this a memorable three days of extraordinary beauty. Meals were created from farm fresh produce that almost spoke to you whilst the kitchen and wait staff excelled in thinking ahead of your needs…

The Old Inn:

The Old Inn, Bandipur is the best place to stay in town. The manager, Ramsharam, is one of the nicest people I have met in Nepal. Food is great and the place, an old converted Newar town house, is so atmospheric. Superb views of the mountains, including Manaslu, Ganesh and Annapurna…

The Trisuli Centre:

Because of bad weather, we had an unscheduled overnight stop at the Trisuli Centre. We arrived very late to a warm welcome and a hot dinner. It was dark when we went to bed so our surprise the next morning was complete - our own beach campsite, friendly faces and a hearty breakfast, all in a very natural riverside setting. Just excellent!

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Meet people who love trekking in Nepal and you might be surprised that it may not be the Annapurnas or Everest about which they wax lyrical. It might instead be the Langtang Himal. An imposing manor house and two charming cottages form a courtyard. The Farm itself is a delight of quiet corners and verdant niches ...

You have arrived from the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway by the steep, winding eight km road that climbs 600m above the valley of the Marsyanedi and you have reached the Bandipur Bazaar of old shops and houses and temples… Here, with stunning snow-clad skyline views to the North and mellow orange orchard ones to the South, stands
The Old Inn.

Less that 80kms west of Kathmandu along the Prithvi Highway en route to Pokhara, Chitwan and Bandipur, is a small riverside village poised on bedrock 30m above a sharp bend in the Trisuli River. Foot-trails converge to cross the river by the busy 160m trail-bridge to reach the road-head of this colourful little bazaar…
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